Setting the benchmark for corpo‍‍‍rate social responsibility

‍‍‍ ‍‍‍The Ethic‍‍‍al Company Org‍‍‍anisation

Since 2001 the Ethical Company Organisation has provided ethical research information and brand comparison tables on thousands of companies & brands, promoting positive policies‍‍‍ in three key areas:

  • Human Rights
  • Environment
  • Animal Rights

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Since 2001 the Ethical Company Organisation has provided the world’s leading clear and comparative ethical information on thousands of companies and brands to individuals, NGOs, ethical companies and ethical investors. We compare hundreds of companies’ ethical and corporate social responsibility records in relation to up to 15 different ethical criteria under the 3 general headings of Environment, Animals and People.

By promoting equality, fair labour practices and ultimately alternative/ethical economic conditions, our research advocates for justice and sustainable development as being at the heart of progressive trade structures and systems.

This research involves working closely on issues with both individuals and ethical companies, plus drawing from the vast information supplied by some of the world’s leading NGOs – including Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Christian Aid and many more. Our research reports both the poor ethical standards and the good ethical standards of the world’s companies and brands and our aim is at all times to be both transparent and fair. Our work aims to encourage the world’s companies to treat humans, animals and the environment with the highest possible levels of respect – and those that don’t we will report on accordingly in our famous ethical comparison tables across 60 product sectors.