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Ethical Accreditation

Companies, Brands and Products which are awarded Ethical Accreditation are able to benefit substantially from this respected mark of independent endorsement.

A growing list of ethical companies have become members, to demonstrate the authenticity of their overall Corporate Social Responsibility to individuals, employees, trade partners and share holders.

Accredited companies are listed prominently on The Good Shopping Guide online and are also allowed to use The Good Shopping Guide-Ethical Company/Brand/Product marks on letterheads; websites; advertising; in press releases; brochures; emails and packaging.

Examples of leading participant ethical companies include Cafédirect, Highland Spring, Green People and Good Energy. See full list.

The full list of subject matter that records are searched for includes:

  • Environment: environmental reporting; pollution; nuclear power; other environmental issues.
  • Animals: animal testing; factory farming; other animal rights.
  • People: oppressive regimes; worker’s rights; irresponsible marketing; armaments.
  • Extras: genetic engineering; boycott call; political activity; alerts.

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We run the UK’s only cross-spectrum (people, animals and environment) ethical accreditation, which exists to reward ethical companies’ behaviour. Companies with excellent scores according our Ethical Company Index analysis may display our CSR standard marks and ethical ranking tables which provide up-to-date positive comparison with less ethical competition. Only the highest ethically ranked 33% of any particular product sector are eligible for ethical accreditation. The Ethical Company, Ethical Brand and Ethical Product Awards are a guarantee of a company, brand or product's good ethical standards. A company displaying either of these logos has been through an in-depth research audit in order to attain Ethical Accreditation, which enables them to use the logos as independent verification of their good ethical standing. As part of the research audit, companies are thoroughly screened by The Ethical Company Organisation’s dedicated team of researchers across a wide range of ethical criteria, which fall into the main categories of The Environment; Animal Welfare and Human Rights. A full list of criteria (tailored to specific product categories) can be found below.